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Over the course of his career in personal, community and organizational leadership, Tony has gained a wealth of experience successfully managing teams, growing organizations and small businesses. He has a strong track record for directing strategic planning initiatives, developing marketing strategies, increasing community involvement and building highly productive leadership teams. He has initiated or supported the starting of six different successful organizations.

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Your leadership calling is not grounded in what anyone else is or has been. While other leaders may have had a positive influence in your life your specific calling has to do with who you are at your core. It also has to do with who and what the Creator has imparted into you as your inherent nature. It has to do with you being an authentic person and learning to lead out from that place in your life. What does it mean to be or become an authentic person? The simplest definition that I can come up with for what it means to be authentic is “when your thoughts, words and behaviors are in alignment.” Authenticity is given birth out of integrity or wholeness. When a person understands that they are or can be whole or fully themselves that is when they are being or becoming more 

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“Great leadership is developed in the crucible of life. Tony has studied and lived leadership. I can say
without hesitation that Tony Morris has the gift of leadership. This book will give you the knowledge and practical steps to grow in your leadership.”

Doug Engberg Olive Crest, PNW Development Director

“Tony Morris has done a stellar job in capturing the complexities of some of the most important challenges of leadership today. Leaders in the religious, nonprot, and for prot communities will nd it compelling and insightful.” 

George Khaldun Senior Faculty, Institute for Personal Leadership and former Chief Administrative Ocer, and COO Harlem Children’s Zone 

“If you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level, then this book is a must read. Tony’s practical wisdom on leadership will cause one to do an internal assessment on “SELF” to identify key areas to focus on for personal growth and development.”

Bishop Stan Williams The Church 3:20, Jacksonville, Florida

Here's what you will learn:

 Learn How to Operate from Your Authentic Self

Establish an Leadership Style

Become the Type of Leader that You would Follow

Leading from the Inside Out

  The Power of Your Purpose

 Your Guiding Values

  Self-Management is a Principle

  The Power of Paradox

Your Leadership Psyche’

 Leadership from the Heart

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